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Through the Urban Disciples Initiatives we employ and mobilize youth utilizing its three strategic components:


            I.      OUTREACH


a.      Street Block: Urban youth will be engaged through one on one interaction by a peer group representative introducing the system of conduct, explaining the need for change explaining how to change.  Some of these outreach efforts will be video taped others will be done “dry”, dependent on the receptiveness of each individual case. The footage gathered will be used in a music video show as support to the whole project. Other methods will include brochures, CDs, seminars, and festivals.


b.     Jail Block: Religious services conducted through Hip Hop culture. Informing the inmate population of the possibility of representing the culture positively, and of the support of waiting on the outside. Tapes & video tapes will also be available.


        II.      MENTORSHIP

a.      Receptive listeners will be invited to embark in an inductive training series that will, further enlighten, and liberate.

b.     Fellowship will be cultivated through working through a creative process along side lay leaders and peers.

1.      Interested supporters will be invited to partake in the production process of the music video show. Receiving training in Studio Camera, Field Camera, Editing, Audio etc.

2.      Rap practitioners will have opportunity to practice their craft with peers who have ascribed to the new method of behavior modification, in preparation for outreach. Aspiring artists will be instructed in the areas of:

·        Song Composition

·        Music Engineering

·        Production

·        Presentation & Delivery

3.      Adherents will escort peers and lay leaders on outreach tours.




Successful adherents will be placed in lay leadership roles.

·        Outreach Captains

·        Spokespersons

·        Studies Coordinator

·        Music production Coordinators

·        T.V. show co-host 

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