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                    ADOPT THE MISSOURI REENTRY PROCESS!                       

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We are advocating that our state adopt the Missouri Reentry process; A common sense approach to Corrections and Juvenile Justice.
Look through this information and read about the Missouri Reentry process. We are sure you will agree we need to adopt the program and reduce victimization, recidivism, and save tax dollars!
This process affords the offender services that will empower them to become better citizens so that upon their release they do not commit crimes.

  • Clinical Assistance for Drug Abuse & Dependency
  • Mandatory G.E.D/ High School Diploma for the incarcerated.
  • Mandatory Trades & Vocations for Offenders.
  • Employ-ability Training & Job Search
  • Housing search/ assistance before End of sentence
  • …And More

Giving the offender the tools they need to become successful citizens before the exit the facilities.

Some of these services can be acquired at some of the states facilities, but adopting the Missouri Reentry Process at a state level affords these services and more to many more individuals, correctional institutions/ agencies.
 The Department of Corrections alone cannot effectively address all issues offenders face upon release into the community. Therefore, by forming strategic and tactical partnerships through liaisons & steering committees to provide needed and comprehensive social service help.

These factors included substance abuse, medical and mental health, transportation, education, employment, housing, family, and information sharing. Data reflects that when these factors are addressed by a comprehensive case management plan with links to the community, offenders are more likely to be successful, thus, communities are safer. The Missouri Reentry Process is a common sense approach to Corrections and Juvenile Justice.


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 Prior to release and receive various services including, but not limited to, the following: academic and vocational education; obtaining identification; cognitive restructuring; mental health, medical and substance abuse treatment with continuity of care into the community; education on faith-based support; employability and life skills; employment services; information regarding child support; education on strengthening family relationships and pro-social community participation; Impact of Crime on Victims class; and other areas identified as critical to offenders’ success.


Now that you agree contact us here to say that you support this common sense approach to Juvenile Justice & Corrections! Please leave an up to date telephone number and frequented email address.We would like to form a united push for a state level implementation of this model.